Raven George lost his appointment to the Crown, and was retired to a zoo in Wales for unsatisfactory conduct. He had a knack for attacking and destroying TV aerials and this upset the residents.     He just wasn’t a fan of Coronation Street.
 After the death of the Raven James Crow gained a lot of attention, Raven Edgar Sopper decided to play dead in order to bring more attention to himself. He was so convincing that the Ravenmaster worriedly picked him up, only to be bitten by Edgar before he flew off laughing.   He’s been known as a drama queen ever since.
 Raven Gripp, named after Charles Dickens’ pet raven, and Raven Jubilee, named in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, met a very sorry end when they were eaten by an urban fox. A fate not fit for Tower Ravens.
 After 21 years of loyal service at the Tower, Raven Grogg decided to retire by moving to an East End pub called ‘The Rose & Punch Bowl’.   Not a bad way to spend your retirement.
 Raven Merlin is the most popular raven at the tower, and although she is one of the eldest, it doesn’t stop her from having fun. On snowy days, she’s been seen skiing down the small hills in the Tower gardens.   It’s true what they say: You’re as young as you feel.
 Raven Hoogan decided to take a trip to Greenwich’s Royal Observatory, and was f ound a week later after a phone call from a resident concerned about the large raven in her garden.   All he wanted to do was gaze at the stars.
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